Sup Lessons, Adventures, Hire, Kids Club, Fitness & Yoga 

"A fun & relaxing way to get on the water and exercise"


Certified Paddle Boarding Instructor

Improve your balance and core strength in a full-body workout using almost every muscle in your body.

Reduce Stress as you glide through the water.

Rehabilitate Injuries with this low impact exercise. 


SUP Standup Paddle Boarding Lessons

One to One SUP Paddle Board Lessons 

Sea or River Lessons

Group Lessons of up to 5 people, great for family and friends or simply just safety in numbers!


ClasSes LessonS Hire

SUP Standup Paddle Boarding


Certified Paddle Boarding Instructor

Sunset Beach Vibes A SUP Lesson followed with time to play on our giant boards, beach games & fire pit

Jurassic Full Moon Adventure Paddleboard lesson, Local Ice-cream on beach, Guided Coastal Walk, Sauna on the beach, Sea dip, Wood-fired pizza on beach with firepit.  




£25, £45, £100

  • A fitness class with a difference! A total body workout
    10 British pounds
  • In the warmth of the pool, stretch, energise & improve balance
    10 British pounds
  • Yoga class on paddle boards in the sea, weather & conditions dependent
    10 British pounds
  • Our 1-Hour SUP lesson is fully supervised with a qualified instructor
    1 hr
    45 British pounds
  • Group SUP session with instructor. Half price with own board.
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat1 hr
    20 British pounds
  • Small private group lessons
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat1 hr
    25 British pounds
  • £15 for 1 Hour Beach Paddle Board Hire (Per Person)
    15 British pounds
  • £25 for 2 Hours Beach Paddle Board Hire (Per Person)
    25 British pounds
  • 2 Hour - Sea or River Paddle Boarding (Price Per Person)
    Thu, Sun2 hr
    20 British pounds
  • Sea or River Paddle Boarding (Price Per Person)
    Thu, Sun2 hr
    20 British pounds
  • Party with SUPs, Monster board, beach games, fire pit & music - sunset
    Fri3 hr
    40 British pounds
  • 15th May, 16th June, 14th July, 12th Aug, 10th Sep & 9th Oct
    95 British pounds
  • Birthday or special occasion? Fun 2 hours of skills, games and giggles
    Minimum of £150
  • Hen Parties & Stag Do's - let us help you plan the best fun!
    45 British pounds
  • Give the gist of adventure - a private lesson on a SUP Paddle Board
    45 British pounds
  • A 2-hour adventure to see the beautiful Jurassic Coast (Per Person)
    50 British pounds

Kids Club

SUP-Paddle Board Classes

For Children Age 8 Years and Over

Wetsuits & Buoyancy Aids Provided

An Hour Of Paddle Boarding, Fun & Games

Children Must Be Able To Swim 50m

Kids Lesson Standup Paddle Boarding SUP


Which iSUP?

We buy our boards and equipment from the brilliant

Sandbanks Style
Watercolor Wash Transparent

seaside sauna haus

Fancy getting toasty warm after paddleboarding?
Try our partner for the amazing wood-fired sauna on Seatown beach - Seaside Sauna Haus